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Cal Project gives residence of California reliable reports about the latest happenings in politics. People have the right to know the truth. We cannot be blindsided with what’s really going on with our state. Political transparency gives people the edge to know who are the leaders to trust and deserved to be re-elected.

Recent Reports

The Reason Why FBI Director James Comey Was Fired

We are shocked when Senator Dianne Feinstein released the information about Firing FBI Director James Comey. She said on one of her statements that she got a personal phone call from President Donald Trump that there is a need for a new FBI director. They need someone who can make changes quickly and can radically apply new plans for the FBI.

Dropping Of Campaign For State’s Scandal Tax Board

This news raised many eyebrows when the scandal about misused state resources broke out. Former California Assemblyman Richard Gordon dropped out to be an elected panel. He said that it would be best if the administrative law judges handle the investigation. He believes that you can’t investigate a scandal when the people behind it are elected on the board. As a result, he withdrew his participation to the campaign.