Personal Values and Decision Making

personal values

personal values

Decisions are often shaped by the values of those who are making them. They also reveal a lot about a person’s character. This is why it helps make a personal values assessment from time to time to better understand how you decide. But how does one build on character and personal values? Here are some of the things worth knowing if you want to follow your internal compass.

Choose what to build. Think about the positive traits that you want to develop. Observe the people you admire and take note of what makes them stand out. What are the values they believe in and live by?

Keep evolving. Things change over time. What you believe now may not be as important to you in the future. You have to be constantly evolving. Be open to the possibility of challenging your own beliefs and embracing new ideas you never thought you would before.

Set boundaries. Know what is acceptable and what you will not tolerate based on your personal standards. Set boundaries if you have to. Make decisions based on what you believe instead of compromising your values just to accomplish something.

Choose the hard path, if you have to. Making values-based decisions may not always be easy. But it is much easier to live with the consequences when you stay true to your beliefs. Choose the hard path if you must and push yourself beyond your limits to strengthen your character.

Consistency is key. Aligning your decisions on your values makes you more consistent. And you can hone this skill in everyday decision-making. The mindset, behaviors, and qualities that you make you choose one option over another is something that you can develop every day.