CAL Benefits

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If you are a residence of Calfornia, you can take advantage of the programs and benefits that the state intended for its people. The problem that prevents these programs to be successful is the lack of advertisement and awareness. People go hungry everyday without knowing that they can get free food from the state. Let us inform you of what are the benefits that are already available for you.

CAL Fresh

This program assists low income families. The program has an registration and application process to be entitled to the benefit. Entitled families will get financial support to help them buy their food. Note that one cannot use the benefit to buy cigarettes, liquor, paper products.

To apply click here.

Head Start

It is a Federal program that heps parents to be ready for their children’s education. Head start helps low income families by providing learning environment to help their children education and well-being. It offers help as early as pregnancy, giving parents sound advice and support.

To learn more about how to qualify, click here.


This program helps low income families to have access to health care. They have collaborated with Medicare to give residence of California residence the support they need to get healthy. It has no age limit but still has some qualifications to be entitled to the benefit.