About Cal Project

statue of liberty

Who Are We?

We are an independent watchers in California. We feel that we owe our state the support it needs. Our goal is to update people with the latest current events and made everyone aware about the issues we should be part of. Cal Project also spread awareness of the benefits and help that they can get from the state.

Why We Do This?

Our history tells us that if we let the politicians to take over without proper monitoring, anything can go wrong. People participation in politics is a must to create the balance that the state needs. To form a well balanced society, people must participate and be aware of the issues and current events.

Our Personal Mission

Our mission is to be part of the society that believes in the equality and love for humanity. We won’t allow injustice to rule our state. We will also serve as eyes to the things that needed attention.

Help the Homeless

According to recent surveys, homeless people increase in number each year. They bear the harshness of the street and try to keep themselves warm every night. There were programs for the homeless but as we see it, these programs aren’t enough.

Our Resources

We would like to give credit to reliable news sources for us. We want to let them know that we appreciate what they do and the difference they make as we work with them to spread the truth.



and http://www.calbuzz.com.